Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries

7th Floor, Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara)
148, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603-2161 1900     F: +603-2161 3014     E:
7th Floor, Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara)
148, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603-2161 1900 F: +603-2161 3014 E:

Weekly Prices

*All daily prices can be downloaded from here

Weekly Average Prices Of Natural Rubber
(US Dollar Per 100 Kg)

Day/Weekend(WE)LATEX || Malaysia Latex 60%RSS || Bangkok RSS3RSS || Kottayam (India) RSS4TSR || Bangkok STR20TSR || Kuala Lumpur SMR20
Average for WE 5 Jan 2018118.16144.23205.29148.42145.55
Average for WE 12 Jan 2018119.86144.48202.26148.79149.00
Average for WE 19 Jan 2018126.54153.66201.75153.75154.46
Average for WE 26 Jan 2018124.09151.80195.45152.72153.43
Average for WE 2 Feb 2018119.21159.82193.15150.67151.53
Average for WE 9 Feb 2018119.64170.25193.48147.99146.23
Average for WE 16 Feb 2018117.54168.94193.43147.42144.95
Average for WE 23 Feb 2018116.89168.51191.88191.88145.35
Average for WE 2 Mac 2018123.41176.15192.87150.17149.31
Average for WE 23 Mar 2018119.70173.39189.62148.95142.31
Average for WE 30 Mar 2018113.86169.98188.25144.21136.16
Average for WE 6 Apr 2018114.81*188.68*136.38

For SMR 20 physical closing price at 5.00 pm.
For STR 20 physical closing price reported by Rubber Research Institute of Thailand.
For RSS 4 average price reported by Rubber Board of India (Relate to local market. Does not include
      taxes or other charges).
For Malaysian Latex 60%, from January 2012 latex refer to Quotes for "latex-in-bulk" by buyers, for centrifuged
      latex in wet weight, as officially by the Malaysian Rubber Board as closing prices at 5.00 pm every day.
      From 1 April 2013 prices quoted as noon prices.
*Not available.
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